Specialist Sealers and Cleaners for your Patio - Natural Stone Yard,  near Dublin.


Protect your investment with our wide range of sealers and cleaners  

Sandstone Cleaner

Sandstone Cleaner
  • Especially formulated to adhere to sandstone to clean faster
  • Spray or brush on
  • Removes dirt, algae, moss, black spot caused by lichens
  • Suitable for use on mint, modak, grey, ravinia, cameldust, goldleaf, cathedral and raj green sandstone
  • Highly recommended by Natural Stone Yard.
Sandstone Patio Cleaner

Stain Proof Sealer

Drytreat Stainproof
  • Premium water and oil repellence for superior stain protection.
  • Deep penetrating, permanent bonding technology for long lasting protection.
  • Provides protection against efflorescence, freeze-thaw and salt spalling damage.
  • Retains natural surface color and finish
  • Suitable for indoor, outdoor, residential and commercial use. Stands up to alkaline cleaners and pressure hosing.

Intensifia Enhancer and Sealer

  • INTENSIFIA™ is suitable for a wide variety of applications, including floors, walls, cladding, facades, countertops, patios, driveways, paths, garages, kitchens and entertaining areas. This color enhancer works on a wide variety of porous surfaces, including all types of natural stone, clay and terracotta tiles and pavers, brick, concrete, polished concrete, terrazzo, encaustic tile, terracotta and saltillo.
  • INTENSIFIA™ is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications and for residential and commercial buildings. 

Stontex Rust Off

Stontex Rust off

Stontex Rust Remover is ph neutral and is suitable for cleaning all types of natural stone, ceramic and porcelain tiles.   Removes rust and rust discolouration from acid sensitive stone.   Suitable for internal and external use.

Stontex Oil Spot Remover

Stontex Oil Spot Remover

Oil Stain Remover for block paving and natural stone.   Great for areas where you have parked the car or ride on mower.

Stontex Cement Away

Stontex Cement Away

Stontex Cement & Grout Residue Remover grout residue and cement stain remover for non acid sensitive material.   Can be used on acid resistant surfaces such as ceramic. Not to be used on limestone or marble.   Suitable for internal and external use.

We have lots of other specialist cleaners and sealers in store, so if ever you need something, just phone us and we can advise on which product to use.

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