Channel Drain and Brick Slot Drain for water drainage - Natural Stone Yard, close to M50 Dublin Ireland


Plastic Drainage Channel with Galvanised Grating
A complete surface water drainage system.

Channel drain systems are efficient, lightweight and easy to install.

Channel drain systems are an effective and popular solution when perimeter drains are needed for hardscaped areas to remove large amounts of water.

Common applications include patios, private driveways, play areas, walkways, courtyards, athletic fields, tennis courts, and in front of garage doors.

Size - 1000x135x110mm (LxWxH)

Galvanised narrow slot grating : 6mm

Galvanised grating : 1000x123x20mm (LxWxH)

Designed to withstand 5 tonne vehicle weight. Heel Guard – 6mm

Dual purpose End Cap - Also available

Channel Drain
Channel Drain
Channel Drain installed
Channel Drain installed

Brick Slot Drainage Channel

Brick Slot Drainage Channel provides a discreet slot drainage system for slab and block paving installation.

Brick Slot Drainage Channels clip together for easy installation.

Off set slots enable drainage location adjacent to walls and doors thresholds.

The 10mm slot bends in with the paving joints giving an aesthetic solution.

Cover compatible with up to and including 60mm deep block paving.

Size: 1000 x 120 x 140mm (L x W x H)

Brick slot corner inspection unit also available for maintenance access.

Brick slot end cap also available.

Brick Slot Drain
Brick Slot Drain
Brick Slot Drain installed
Brick Slot Drain installed

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