Paving Grout & Jointing Mortar

 Paving Grout and Paving Joint Mortar - Natural Stone Yard,  close to M50 Dublin Ireland


Paving Grout and Joint Paving Mortar

We recommend three different brands for different usage applications.   Your paving contractor will choose what is best for your project.

A-JOINT® READY is a ready-to-use and vacuum-packed paving jointing compound with a special natural sand mixture.

It is highly water permeable, frost resistant and hardens by contact with atmospheric oxygen.

A-JOINT® READY prevents weed growth in the joints and can be used for almost all natural stone and concrete products outdoors.

Due to its easy application and self-compacting properties, this paving grout is also ideally suited for the DIY enthusiast.

A-JOINT® READY can be used around the garden on paths, patios, courtyards.

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Ultrascape Flowpoint

UltraScape Flowpoint grout exceeds all the requirements of the latest British Standard.

It has been in use for over 20 years in a variety of project environments including public realm, landscaping and domestic.   UltraScape Flowpoint is synonymous with fast application, cost effective and robust jointing.

Botament MULTIFUGE Base Multi-purpose grout


Botament MULTIFUGE Base is a fast-setting joint mortar suitable for a vast range of application areas and for slurry application in both interior and exterior areas.   Due to the excellent working and washing properties the completion of large wall and floor zones is possible within minimised time.   Especially suitable for porcelaine stoneware, vitreous stoneware and natural stones.

  • For joint widths from 3- 30 mm
  • Flexible - For heated areas
  • slurry application without burning up
  • For balconies and terraces
  • Great steam jet and abrasion resistance
  • Excellently washable
  • Improved resistance against cleaning agents used in
  • households
  • High protection against the forming of mould fungus
  • For interior and exterior use

Botament D 11 Deep action primer

D11 Primer

Botament D 11 is a primer to prepare absorbent substrates for the subsequent application of tile adhesives, filler compounds, renders or paints in interior and exterior areas.

  • Can be diluted 1 : 1
  • Rapidly drying
  • Improves adhesion
  • Can be rolled or painted on
  • Reduces absorbency
  • Binds dust
  • Solvent-free

Botament MULTISTONE Multi-functional Tile and Natural Stone Adhesive

Multistone Multifunctional

Botament MULTISTONE® is a multi-functional light-weight tile adhesive for the fitting of almost all of almost all natural stones as well as ceramic wall and floor coverings in interior and exterior areas. Due to the airflow Technology MULTISTONE® is particularly easy and smooth to handle.

  • Highly stable and highly flexible
  • Particularly well suited for large format sizes
  • High yield (goes a long way)
  • Rapid curing with crystalline water bonding
  • Dust-reduced formulation
  • For levelling unevenesses up to 30 mm
  • Suitable for swimming pools and potable water containers

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