Specialist Sealers  for your Patio - Natural Stone Yard,  near Dublin.


Protect your investment with our wide range of sealers

Stain Proof Sealer

Drytreat Stainproof
  • Premium water and oil repellence for superior stain protection.
  • Deep penetrating, permanent bonding technology for long lasting protection.
  • Provides protection against efflorescence, freeze-thaw and salt spalling damage.
  • Retains natural surface color and finish
  • Suitable for indoor, outdoor, residential and commercial use. Stands up to alkaline cleaners and pressure hosing.

Intensifia Enhancer and Sealer

  • INTENSIFIA™ is suitable for a wide variety of applications, including floors, walls, cladding, facades, countertops, patios, driveways, paths, garages, kitchens and entertaining areas. This color enhancer works on a wide variety of porous surfaces, including all types of natural stone, clay and terracotta tiles and pavers, brick, concrete, polished concrete, terrazzo, encaustic tile, terracotta and saltillo.
  • INTENSIFIA™ is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications and for residential and commercial buildings. 

Stontex Colour Intensifier

Stontex Colour Intensifier
  • Stontex Stone Enhancer is a standard impregnating colour enhancer and sealer for porous stone.
  • It’s a one step colour intensifier and impregnator which enhances natural colours and texture.
  • Suitable for internal and external use.

Stontex Indian Sandstone Sealer

Stontex Indian Sandstone Sealer
  • Stontex Indian Sandstone Sealer is a specially formulated outdoor sealer for sandstone paving and flags.   
  • Natural sandstone hues will be enhanced whilst creating a long lasting satin finish.

Stontex Temporary Protective Coating

Stontex Temporary Protective Coating


Universal Temporary Protective Coating for natural stone and porcelain paving, protects surfaces against residues when using cement based grouts or pointing systems.

This sacrificial protective coating can be easily removed by washing-off after the completion of grouting or pointing. Stonex Temporary Protective Coating is essential to use when working with modern slurry or brush in pointing paving mortars. When applied correctly it will offer 100% protection against cement residues. 


Note : Weather must be a dry day with no rain 

  • Always ensure you have adequate PPE and suitable protective clothing. All application tools can be washed with warm clean water after use and before drying.
    1. Ensure paving surfaces are clean, dry and free from contamination.
    2. Shake container well before use.
    3. Apply the Stonex Temporary Protective Coating thoroughly with roller brush
    4. Rub well into the surface but avoid application to un-grouted joints.
    5. Allow 15-20 minutes for first coat to surface dry before applying the second application.
    6. Apply the second application in the same way as the first, allow to dry for a minimum 1 hour, (longer in cold temperatures) before proceeding with the application of the grout or pointing system.  
    7. Note : Apply grout dry with no water, do not prewet the surface  or will need to repeat the process all over again.
  • When grouting is completed & ready to be washed off, just agitate the surface of the slabs with a brush & water & then hose /powerwash off both the grout & the Stontex Temporary Protective Coating off the surface of the slabs & ensure a final wash of the slabs with clean water - so there is no residue left behind.


    1. Do not use in temperatures below 5°C or in damp conditions. Use undiluted, apply before grouting or pointing begins.
      Cover areas not to be treated with suitable protective materials. Apply between 5° C and 20° C.
  1. Approximately 10-12m2 per litre for 2 coat application.
    Coverage offered as guidance. Will vary depending on surface porosity, texture and application process.

We have lots of other specialist sealers in store, so if ever you need something, just phone us and we can advise on which product to use.

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