Specialist Sealers  for your Patio - Natural Stone Yard,  near Dublin.


Protect your investment with our wide range of sealers

Stain Proof Impregnating Sealer

Stainproof Sealer
  • Professional grade silicone based penetrating sealer made in USA and is a permanent solution for protecting natural stone surfaces. Unique technology that lines the inside of the microscopic pores of the stone and permanently bonds inside the pores. It is a fully breathable and invisible treatment so does not change the look or feel of the material being treated. Long lasting protection from both oil and water based stains, UV protection and extremely effective weather resistant properties making the treated material look like new with minimum maintenance long into the future.

Stontex Colour Intensifier

Stontex Colour Intensifier
  • Stontex Stone Enhancer is a standard impregnating colour enhancer and sealer for porous stone.
  • It’s a one step colour intensifier and impregnator which enhances natural colours and texture.
  • Suitable for internal and external use.

Stontex Indian Sandstone Sealer

Stontex Indian Sandstone Sealer
  • Stontex Indian Sandstone Sealer is a specially formulated outdoor sealer for sandstone paving and flags.   
  • Natural sandstone hues will be enhanced whilst creating a long lasting satin finish.

Stontex Temporary Protective Coating

Stontex Temporary Protective Coating


Universal Temporary Protective Coating for natural stone and porcelain paving, protects surfaces against residues when using cement based grouts or pointing systems.

This sacrificial protective coating can be easily removed by washing-off after the completion of grouting or pointing. Stonex Temporary Protective Coating is essential to use when working with modern slurry or brush in pointing paving mortars. When applied correctly it will offer 100% protection against cement residues. 

We have lots of other specialist sealers in store, so if ever you need something, just phone us and we can advise on which product to use.

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