Installation Tips and Guidelines


Instructions For Using  Granite/Limestone/CobbleBlock Cleaner




1) Wear protective clothing, footwear, gloves, mask.

2) Test a small area first to be treated and assess the result before proceeding

3) Keep children & pets inside during application of cleaner and until cleaner is completely washed off.



1st Option – Apply Cleaner neat with a nap sack sprayer/watering can with a rose head to the surface area of the paving, leave for approx 30mins then agitate with a yard/deck brush , leave for a further 30mins and then hose/power wash off cleaner.


Your paving should now be clean, however if you are not entirely satisfied repeat option 1.




Remember : Clean/Rinse your sprayer after use.



If you need to re-grout your patio leave for approx. 4 days.



If you wish you can seal your Paving with one of our sealers. Sealing your paving will leave it easier to clean but will not stop the staining, moss, algae and black spot.

Please leave for approx 4 days before sealing.






Important : Do not spray cleaner onto plants. Do not let cleaner come into contact with metal.

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