Installation Tips and Guidelines


Natural Stone Yard

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Quick Guide :



  • Open ultrascape flowpoint 25kg bag


  • Add 4.5 litre of water into mixer


  • Add flowpoint slowly into mixer


  • Mix for approx. 3-5mins until mixture is of a smooth slurry like consistency and lump free


  • Hose down the paving area for grouting (Saturate the paving)


  • Pour mixed flowpoint over paving area or use a watering can and pour directly into joints


  • Squeegee into joints and squeegee excess of the paving area


  • Leave for approx. 10-20mins (depending on temperature – longer time if cooler temperature or shorter time if warmer temperature) or until joint areas are firm to touch


  • Power wash paved area to remove excess flowpoint residue from surface , avoid washing flowpoint out of joints, Ensure all residue is washed off so there is no staining


  • Leave for approx. 1hr to set before walking on.


  • Please note : Once flowpoint bag is opened and mixed use within approx.10mins


For Video Demonstration of  Ultrascape Flowpoint Grout go to  and select Grout & Jointing Mortar from product range.



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