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Other products in our expanding range

We are always trying to respond to customer requirements, so we regularly add new products.   Keep an eye here for updates.

Topsoil Suppliers


Topsoil is screened using a mesh sieve to remove large stones, lumps and other unwanted material. This produces an excellent consistency in the top soil - making it easier to work with than regular soils.

Available in tonne sack bags only.

Suitable for application with:

  • flower and shrub
  • roll out turf
  • grass seed
Bark Mulch suppliers

Bark Mulch

Bark Mulch is an ideal ground cover for long lasting weed control in flowerbeds and borders. Bark Mulch improves soil moisture, keeping plants hydrated during dry periods. Bark Mulch is a natural product and will compliment any landscape project.

Available in tonne sack bags.

Rock Salt suppliers

De-Icing Rock Salt

Available in 25kg / Half Tonne Sacks / Tonne Sacks

Kiln Dried Logs suppliers

Timber Logs

Available in Half Tonne Sacks / Tonne Sacks /  Mega Crate

Weed Suppression Fabric:

Keep weeds at bay with this innovative heavy duty weed control fabric,

suitable for use under chippings, pebbles and grits on pathways and in flowerbeds.

Cleaners :

Specialised Cleaners  for sandstone, granite , limestone , travertine

Sealers :

Specialised Sealers for sandstone , granite , limestone , travertine


Drytreat suppliers

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