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Installation Guide of Outdoor Porcelain Paving Tile

Our 20mm Porcelain tiles are an alternative to traditional paving stone. With rectified sides and corners the Porcelain can be installed quickly and precisely. It comes with numerous advantages such as anti-slip, non-porous, easy to maintain and does not suffer from any UV light fading. Because it is stain resistant, sealers are not required.

As with natural stone paving, a well compacted layer of hardcore is needed, unless the Porcelain tile is going directly onto concrete. We would recommend a full bed of mortar (sand/cement mix) to lay the Porcelain tiles on.

If your Porcelain tile is going onto a concrete base, we would recommend using Botament Multistone Adhesive.  In conjunction with this you should also use the Botament D11 Primer for the underside of the Porcelain tile.

All cutting of the Porcelain tiles should be done with a diamond tipped blade. Cutting is more difficult with Porcelain than natural stone but with the right equipment/tools and patience you can carry this out.  


To joint the Porcelain tile we would recommend Ultrascape Flowpoint Smooth grout or Botament Multifuge grout. Ultrascape Flowpoint Smooth grout is a neutral colour and is ideal for 3-15mm joints. Botament Multifuge grout is a high performance indoor/outdoor tile grout available in colours Sand Grey (no.15) & Concrete Grey (no.20).  


Please note the following:

Advisable to create gradients during levelling/compacting to ensure optimal drainage of the floor

Advisable to lay the tiles with a minimum joint of 3mm.

Advisable if laying in staggered format use 1/3 offset pattern instead of a ½ offset pattern.

Any query on any of the above, please ask our sales team.

Technical features / Declaration of performance are available on request.


Products Available from Natural Stone Yard

*Botament Multistone Adhesive

*Botament D11 Primer

*Ultrascape Flowpoint Smooth Grout

*Botament Multifuge Tile Grout   'Sand Grey (no.15) / Concrete Grey (no.20)'

Benefits of Porcelain Paving Tile

Low Maintenance Porcelain Tiles
Frost Proof Porcelain Tiles
Exact profile porcelain tiles
Scratch Resistant Porcelain Tiles
Slip Resistant Porcelain Tiles

Please note the following

Advisable to create gradients during levelling/compacting to ensure optimal drainage of the floor Advisable to lay the tiles with a minimum joint of 3mm.

Advisable if laying in staggered format  use a 1/3 offset  pattern instead of a ½ offset  pattern.   Any query on any of above please ask our sales team.

Technical Features / Declaration of Performance are available on request

Porcelain Tiles Paving Plan

Natural Stone Yard

Italian Porcelain Tiles


We thought it would be useful to help you understand the importance of batch numbers and provide some advice on how and why colour and shade variations in porcelain batches occur.

Porcelain tiles are baked in a kiln during the manufacturing process, and environmental factors such as slight variations in kiln temperature will impact the shade and colour of each kiln batch. For this reason there is a tolerance of accepted variation in the colour/shade spectrum of manufactured porcelain tiles. In the absolute middle of the spectrum is 50 in terms of batch kiln colour, but differences in kiln temperatures can create noticeably lighter and darker results.

Due to the variations in colour and shade caused by slight differences in kiln temperature during production it is important that you provide your customer with crates of matching or as close as possible to matching batch numbers. For best results.

As per our premium service, when placing one -off porcelain orders we always take care to provide you with the same batch numbers. However please be aware that should you or your customer require the same product at a later date we may not be able to provide the same batch number, so please ensure sufficient product is ordered at the point of ordering to cover the project.


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